Kecskemét and within the town, the Kecskeméti Katona József Theater is committed to the continous development of the town’s cultural life and cultural tourism, which is based on the good approach of the town, the international awareness, the economic development next to several tourist attractions connected to the built and natural environment, the continously broadening, wide range of programs and lively cultural life.

The Hírös Város Toursim Center is working under the aegis of the Katona József Theater and its ultimate aim is to broaden the town’s cultural and festival tourism offer with the preservation of the built and cultural heritage, and restoration of the old Városi Movie which building is under national monument protection.

The diverter utilization of the building of the Városi Movie, built in 1913 and hardly has been used since 1999, has been the part of the revilatization conception of the Rákóczi road – Vasútkert that is still in progress. As a result a luxuriant cultural and tourism system will evolve that goes beyond the the frames of the historical main square.

The Hírös Város Tourism Center assures place for the Leskowsky musical insturment collection of European reputation, with the possiblity of its uniqe, novel, interactive exhibition. There are further possibliities to establish a multi-functional event location for several local festivals, big events in each seasons and in case of bad weather, with the reconstruction of the hall of the movie building. Through the Center the cultural toursim activity of the Katona József Theater will be boosted – the Kelemen László Chamber Theater can realize novel, interactive performances, as well as German performances to fulfil the claims of the German target groups; all these are integrated into the complex tourism package.

The Center would like to address the native and foreign tourists flock to the region with the aim of relaxation: young adults, families with small children and students with no own earnings (friendly groups), festival visitors and groups from kindergarten, elementary school, high school, university and college; companies, retired groups and local and regional population.

In the Hírös Város Tourism Center it is possible to show the unique musical instrument collection in an interactive way, to experience the instruments of the collection directly, to visit the rare, unique and museum pieces of the collection, to listen to their sounds; the tourists get a guaranteed one-hour long guided tour with live music that leads the participant through different ages and continents. During the performance all instruments can be tried and for a short time anyone can become a Siberian saman, Turkish belly dancer or a rock guitarist.

Within the framework of the „Tune Again – Hangold Újra” the visitors can take part in programs where they make instruments from recycled and household materials and they gain experieces about enviromental awareness as well.

It is a further aim to integrate the cultural tourism into other tourism services by different packages and cooperative partners. We think in terms of the following programs, just to mention a few:

– Hírös Programs in the spirit of classical, pop and jazz music,

– The novel, interactive performances of the Kelemen László Chamber Theater, setting stage in German to fulfil the claims of the German visitors.