The Leskowsky Musical Instrument Collection is the only visited musical instrument collection in the country. The collection with more than 2000 pieces shows the classical, folk and experimental instruments from the middle ages to nowadays. Visitors can vocalize stringed, wind and percussion instruments of five continents.


For individual visitors: Each visitor is granted with expert, personal guided tour available in Hungarian and English. In the course of the tour, all the instruments can be touched, sounded and they can empathize the born of the sounds, try such instruments they have never before and can be enriched with special musical experiments, valuable knowledge.

For group visitors: The students are waited in the display and educational hall of the Musical Instrument Collection. Here they can get acquainted with the most interesting musical instruments within the framework of music performances and interactive tasks. Their musical, geographical, culture historical and physics knowledge will be enriched in experimental and and experiencing ways.


Adult groups can get acquainted the world of the Hungarian folk musical instruments and the special instruments of remote cultures through live musical instrumental performances. The visitors can touch and try the instruments to experience the common music.